Who Are Ya?

Each week, one of our contributors will recommend an artist/band they think deserves to be brought to your attention. No record labels, PR companies, bands or bands management will ever have made these recommendations; it is simply one music fan putting their taste on the line in the hope of sharing good music. 

So without further ado, let’s crack on with this week’s introduction, in which CityLifer Ian Burke recommends Well Wisher for your audible delectation.


Who are ya?

We are Well Wisher, We consist of Mike (vocals), Ian (guitar), Sean (bass), Andy (guitar) and Nick (drums). We also employ the services of John Simpson as a second drummer and Morgan as our mascot. We originally had another guitarist, Dan Halen but he moved to London… the irony being that Sean currently resides there too.

Where you from?

We are based in Manchester, however Sean lives in London and makes the journey as often as possible to practice/gig.

How long have you been doing what you’re doing now?

We have been gigging as a band for about a year and a half, after forming about 2 years ago. We actually go back further than that as the majority of us were in an early incarnation of Well Wisher called Hail Brethren, which was a slightly rockier precursor to the band we are today.

Is being a musician your full time job? If not, what is?

No, we all work in a variety of mundane/uninspiring jobs which I guess is why we are always so happy to be playing/recording/practicing.

How would you explain your sound to someone’s 90 year old grandmother?

Party Emotional… like Glen Miller and Vera Lynn.

Are there any obvious influences in your music?

We take a lot of influence from the 90’s ‘emo’ and ‘college rock’ bands like Braid, Cap’n Jazz, Mineral etc. We originally started with the intention of being a super-wet twinkly emo band but we ended up speeding everything up and playing in a way that best reflects us as a band.

Are there any not so obvious influences in your music?


The bands: Yes, Camel, Ultra Spank and Coal Chamber

The film: Jurassic Park

The Actor: Kevin Spacey

Best place for people to find out what you are up to?

We have a tumblr! There people can see all our upcoming gigs and news/read our incessant drivel and link to our Bandcamp where they can download pretty much everything we’ve done so far and can buy our EP if they wish. 

Anything to declare?

We have a split EP with Newfoundland’s finest: POLINA coming out imminently and we are just about to embark on a little jaunt down south which we are very excited about. Feel free to visit our bandcamp and download all our music to date.

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