Tropics – Soft Vision EP

Release Date 04/10/2010 (Planet Mu)

By Sam Constable

As the year goes on it seems Planet Mu are intent on spoiling us with yet more fresh talent, and the Soft Vision EP makes it easy to hear why Tropics are the next one up. Fans of Optimum, Starkey, Kuedo, Falty DL and Ikonika take notice, this one’s for you. Tropics (aka Chris Ward) brings us a dreamy, summery sound perfectly timed to carry us out of the summer days.

‘Give It Up’ opens proceedings perfectly. Angelic echoed vocals flutter through a warm, fuzzy bassline, bouncing from ear to ear whilst cushioned drums maintain the motion. This is cosmic-disco-fuelled, tripped out goodness at its finest. This track’s been on repeat for a number of days now and still makes me warm inside. This video perfectly sums up the track and is a work of brilliance.

Dropping the tone slightly deeper, the slowed up ‘Melorr’ delivers a strung out dreamy stroll through the stars. Deep, melodic and powerful, the track constantly grows throughout its delivery. Electric guitars twirl around in the backdrop whilst ghostly stabs of vocal delicacy spin through the track.

The last track is the deal clincher for Planet Mu, and it’s not hard to hear why. The official press release achieved the impressive task of summing it all up in one sentence: “It sounds like it’s in 3d, with huge waves of synths that shimmer and ooze through the track as it subtly grooves along to a the kind of drums which wouldn’t sound out of place in 80’s stadium pop.
This is a brilliant debut and a pleasantly unexpected surprise in the new sound Tropics brings. A load of thought, emotion and talent permeate these tracks, and it’ll be a pleasure to watch this young gents create grow.

The EP is out on the usual formats from the 4th of October and IS required listening. Guaranteed to relieve all troubles, well, that is for 15 minutes at least.



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