Tired Pony – The Place We Ran From

Release Date 12/07/2010

By Rick Sims

Product DetailsTired Pony is a project/country band dreamt up by Gary Lightbody (Snow patrol) and includes some big names: Peter Buck (REM guitarist), Richard Colburn (Belle and Sebastian, Drummer), Tom Smith (Editors guest vocals) and M Ward & Zooey Deschanel (She & him Vocals) amongst others. The album is also produced by and includes Jacknife Lee (who produced U2, Bloc party, REM and so on).

Two songs, Point Me At Lost islands and Dead American Writers, were pre-released giving me teenage-like anticipation of the masterpiece to come, but the album itself is slower paced and plods along at points. There are, however, scattered gems throughout.

Now if music conjures memories for you then you’ll relate when I say this album reminded me of the time I never spent in-front of a wood-burner, drinking bottles of red wine, whilst the outside raged in stark contrast to the warm music that fortified the inside. Titled “The Place We Ran From”, it seems aptly named (I guess they don’t mean an escape after a well planned robbery of a pet shop) as the majority of the songs are laden-heavy with lyrics about the trials of sanctioned and lost love. They are written well and paint pictures in the mind. The delivery lacks and the music is not groundbreaking nor is it a classic, but it resonates with the mixture of its constituent parts, and is definitely something new.

I would jump at the opportunity of seeing them play live in the UK but I hate turkeys (as they warble) – as does Gary Lightbody as he “sings” the chorus in song Dead American Writers. It reminds me of the times where I’d wished someone had told me to stop, because I sound like a tit.

So all in all you are left with a dilemma: what to do with a Tired Pony? …If it were a lame horse then I’d shoot it, but you might find this Tired Pony endearing and ultimately worth listening to.

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