The Hornblower Brothers – Give and Recievers/Ghost of Kerouac

Release Date 19/04/2010 (Static Caravan)

By Simon Poole

Damn, blast and bother! The Hornblower Brothers have gone and given me a bit of a dilemma (no not one of those cars similar to a Jaguar, although that would be nice). I have a playlist on my Ipod for my walk to work every morning and there is only one rule, and that rule is that I can’t have more than one track by any artist or band.

So when I received an email from the HBs drummer Antony that contained a download link for the two tracks that they are to release, my thoughts turned to my playlist. Not because I would have to choose which of the songs to add, but because as it stands their last release ‘Android With A Heart’ is still a firm favourite for my jaunt to the office every day.

The first track ‘Give and Receivers’ is another of their up-tempo offerings, and just like Android makes me want to jump around like a hyperactive kid to the music (and believe me when I say the sight of a 39 year old doing so, looks a little on the strange side). The only criticism I have about this one is that it is way too short, as I’m left having to initiate the repeat feature on my media player to ensure my fix is fed, but I suppose it’s always better to be left wanting more, which I certainly am.

The second track ‘Ghost of Kerouac’ is a slightly slower affair that starts off with the sound of a melodica, an instrument that does not get included enough in most bands collection. Once again the indie-folk-pop sound they have created is nothing like you have heard before and it’s their own unique style, and I love it!

Imagine taking the fun and wit of Half Man Half Biscuit and mixing in some of the twee of Belle and Sebastian, you’re on your way to getting what this band are all about.


See them at the Chorlton Irish Club on Friday the 16th of April.

Hear them at

If you’re wondering how I resolved my quandy, well I’ve gone all playlist anarchist on my own ass and broken the one and only rule by adding both the new tracks without removing ‘Android With a Heart’.

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