The Blue Eyed Shark Experiment – The Fluffer

Release Date 28/07/2010 (Sidewalk 7)

By David Stedman

Strange times call for difficult-to-pin-down music. Yet while unafraid to dip into the weird and wonderful, “The Fluffer” stays true to its heartfelt origins.

Quirky and charming, The Blue Eyed Shark Experiment’s occasionally enigmatic debut full-length is a fascinating study of the human condition. Electronic touches complement the primarily acoustic songs, whose lyrics lend an otherwise oddball assortment of tunes a mature quality. It can be said with confidence that the lyrics are the strongest element of this deceptively simple album, built around themes both optimistic (adventure, friendship, love) and downbeat (endings, loss, vulnerability).

After a spirited opening, “The Fluffer” strides during a mid-to-late run that includes the bold, piano-led ‘Generation’ and carefree ‘Tapdance’. The processed beats of ‘JetPlane’ add colour, but ultimately it is the reflective, intimate moments revealed in ‘Goodbye My Little Friend’ and ‘What to Do’ that prove most powerful.

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31 07 2010

kind words
with thought
from ibiza
sunblessed thanks

child of universe

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