Tanja Maritsa – Live For Today

Release Date 12/10/2009
By Chris Gilliver

Tanja Maritsa’s gentile, jazzy folk comes from a time that I just can’t quite place. Before the 60s my knowledge gets a little hazy. Not my fault! I’m only 25 and I was brainwashed from an early age to believe that The Beatles were year zero, and nearly everything that came before was rendered redundant by those floppy haired hippies.

Still, if I was to hazard a guess Live For Today hails from the 1940s, and is the kind of music that soldiers and their sweethearts fell in love to before war and death blew them apart.

Ella Fitzgerald is a certain influence, but there are folk elements present too that nearly (nearly!) destroy the track in a tsunami of tweeness. There’s a lot of toffee and treacle here that could stick in your throat and choke you, if the jazzy elements and the charming anachronism of it all didn’t transform this into a guilty, but definite pleasure.

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