Single Cell To Curate Finding Zion

Finding Zion - cover image by singlecell.From 26th February to 27th March, local music collective, Single Cell  [1], are curating Finding Zion, a mini-festival based at the Zion Arts Centre, showcasing creative talent in Hulme. Events include a psychogeographic ramble of local myths including Roman gods and UFO  landing pads, an after demo party for over 150 cyclists on the monthly  Critical Mass bike ride [2] and top talent at live music night, For Folk’s Sake.

 The festival culminates on Saturday 27th March with a variety of acts playing all over Hulme, from supermarket car parks to community gardens,  ending with a finale at the Zion Arts Centre itself.

The festival is comprised of the following events [3]:
> 18:00 26/02/10 Critical Mass – I Bike Mcr
> 13:00 07/02/10 People’s History of Hulme – psycho-geographic walk by Loiterers Resistance Movement
> 20:00 18/03/10 For Folk’s Sake – feat. Anna Kashfi
> 14:00 20/03/10 noiz@zion – collaborations between spoken word artists and electronica pioneers
> 18:00 23/02/10 People’s Kitchen/Film Night – communal meal and Hulme  history film night
> 12:00 27/03/10 Hulme Busking – acts busking all around Hulme

“We’ve chosen to stage events that promote the creative talent of Hulme  while exploring the politics and culture of this unique area.” says  Jonathan Atkinson of Single Cell. “There’s so much going on here, we want to open that up to the rest of the city.”

‘Respond’, the Zion Arts Centre’s trilogy of residencies which ask for creative solutions to engaging communities. Finding Zion is Single Cell’s response during which they aim to open up this resource to the community, bridging the gap between the vibrant creativity of Hulme and this amazing building that lies at its heart.

Liz O’Neil says: “As new Chief Executive at Zion Arts Centre, I created  the Respond residencies in order to start a real conversation with the  people of Manchester about the creative experiences we can offer. There was never any doubt that Single Cell Collective were the right people to  help us start that conversation in the most creative way.

We get excellent ‘value for money’ from Single Cell’s extensive portfolio of quality artists and impressive connections with Hulme’s creative community. I feel incredibly lucky to have found this relationship so soon into Zion’s new era, and look forward to all the possible and ‘im’possible things we can do together that will help Hulme gain the recognition as the creative capital of Manchester which it deserves.

Full Details Here

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