Richard Hawley – Open Up Your Door

Release Date 30/11/2009
By Chris Gilliver 

There’s something strange about the appeal of Richard Hawley. I mean, if he were born in a different time you’d expect it to be the kind of music your dad or grandfather would play when he wanted you to know how he seduced your mother or grandmother. It’s kind of wrong.

But he’s playing it now, completely out of context, which somehow makes it ok!? 

But there in lies its beauty. The music is so nostalgic, so romantic, and so out of place that it’s hard to imagine anyone resisting such charm.  

It’s like that final moment in back to the future. Marty’s rock antics on Johnny B Good are cool, and Earth Angel is somewhat saccharine, but I know which one I would choose. The one that pulls my heart strings.


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