Nina Nastasia – You Can Take Your Time

Release Date 06/12/2010 (FatCat Records)

Review by Chris Gilliver

You Can Take Your TimeTaken from this year’s Outlaster album, ‘You Can Take Your Time’ sounds so much like a variant on ‘Keep Me Warm’ by Ida Maria that it’s unreal. Essentially the tunes are identical, but it’s the little details that make or break a song. The devil is, as always, in the details. ‘Keep Me Warm’ is essentially a love song to nicotine and coffee, and while it could be argued that odes to drugs don’t have the same emotional impact as ‘You Can Take Your Time’s’ plea to an absent lover, cigarettes killed my grandfather, raped my grandmother, and caffeine is one of the cornerstones of my life (OK, one of those isn’t true).

I’m not really convinced by the arrangements either. The stripped down, deep night feel of ‘Keep Me Warm’ packs far more of an emotional punch than the big, stomping, obliterating foot of the strings in ‘You Can Take Your Time’. They could be taken from Joanna Newsom’s YS, but where such embellishments compliment Newsom’s eccentricity, here they drown the song in a sea of drama – like Al Pacino’s performance in The Devil’s Advocate.

That aside, the sparse drums are excellently employed, and Nina Nastasia’s underlying talent is made obvious by the “naked” b-side ‘One Turned In’ – it’s just Nina, her guitar and a great song. More of this please!

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