Neon Indian – Psychic Chasms

Release Date 20/09/2010 (Lefse)

By Zandra Klievens

Psychic ChasmsNeon Indian’s haze coated voice, sifting through youthful kaleidoscopic sounds, makes for a blissfully melancholic album that is reminiscent of a sugar coloured summer recalled by bleached, sepia photographs.

Psychic Chasms settles for a soft overdrawn dance feel. It’s hard to say which tracks stand out from the album. My list started out with ‘Deadbeat Summer’, ‘Terminally Chill’ and ‘6669’, for their reserved cool and more melodic nature, yet the more I listen the less certain I become. Such indecision brings me to the conclusion that this album is a little gem.

All tracks are underpinned by relaxing bass parts, which, under the mirrored electric rhythms and vibrant top parts, instil a placid balance. Neon Indian’s unique reversed synths sound like Japanese games arcades warped and dragged backwards through time, with minimal Steve Reich rhythmic types and quirky little Kraftwerk-influenced fills.


Such heavy memories of 70s and early 80s dance make for a fruitful and pleasant companion to your music collection, and though Psychic Chasms might be too accessible for the kids, perhaps this accessibility is its greatest asset.

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