Musée Mécanique – Fits & Starts

Release Date 20/09/2010 (Souterrain Transmissions)

By Chris Gilliver

Fits And StartsThough it might be hard to believe, ‘Fits & Starts’ is one of the more upbeat moments from Hold This Ghost – an album of nostalgic, folk mastery. In ‘Fits & Starts’ it feels like Musée Mécanique are holding a warm, living person (though possibly dying), as opposed to a cold, clammy ghost.

This is a wonderful track. Rabwin’s carefully and softly enunciated vocals, beautifully adorned with dulcimers (though thankfully not sounding Country) and other more obscure instruments, combine with great intelligence and skill, making it impossible to not feel moved.

This is an impressive single, serving as a welcome reminder of how good Hold This Ghost is. Really, you should buy that first.

2 responses

3 09 2010

Thanks for not going wild and giving five stars to stuff that vaguely tickles your fancy, like something from a childrens’ computer game. Enjoying your reviews as ever.

3 09 2010
Chris Gilliver

I do love Crystal Castles if that’s what you’re referring to. Great band! I’ve been trying to rein in my praise, so if something comes along that astounds me it will be obvious.

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