Murkage Sound Competition

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or maybe just not in Manchester, you will have no doubt heard of Murkage. They were recently crowned Most Exciting Club Night of 2010 by the Evening News (grrrrr) and have just launched a competition to find the ‘Murkage Sound’.  The idea is to find an audio ident that will define the club.  Producers/fans/amateurs/sound students… everyone is invited to visit the Murkage Sound website and download clips from their first EP (already getting heavy plays by Kissy Sell Out and MistaJam) and turn that into a minimum of a 30 second sound bite  – any genre, any vibe, any sort of murky murkage is accepted! 

All entries will be listened to and ultimately judged by the wider collective, Murkage Cartel – a group of DJs, MCs, designers and promoters also including the band.  The ultimate winner will receive a prize package including headphones, clothing and a top of the range Sony Vaio laptop, which has been customised for Murkage Sound to deliver the best audio experience available in PCs.  This audio suite isn’t yet available on the market, making this system a truly exclusive prize, with the winner gaining the recognition of creating the audio ident for the Murkage movement.  

For further information, go to  It’s a totally open competition, so whoever and wherever you are… hit the site, download the stems and let those folk over at Murkage see what you can do.

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