Moulettes – Horses For Hearses

Release Date 31/05/2010 (Balling the Jack)

Review by Chris Gilliver

Horses for HearsesDebt Records are stirring up some serious shit – that was my conclusion from their open night a few months back (read review here). An exciting label I had only seen peripherally, took centre stage (literally and metaphorically) with a stalk and a walk that left an indelible impression on my psyche. But these guys are performance artists, and fundamentally so. Many of those on stage had the look and appeal of thespians making experimental crossovers into music. No bad thing of course, but crucially, I am interested to see how successful a crossover onto record would be.

In the case of the Hannah Moulette, of the Moulettes naturally, (actually signed to Balling the Jack) I was the least concerned, as she was, in strictly musical terms, the best of the night – well, maybe joint best with Louis Barabbas and The Bedlam Six.  An accomplished cellist, she played an excellent set. Beards of Manchester poster boy Louis Barabbas, whose picture can be seen in Common, guests on B-side ‘Mad Tom of Bedlam’, a track which is probably better than the A-side. His cracked yowl, which sounds like his voice box is trying to eat itself, is a very welcome addition to this amazingly twisted knees-up as it leaps in and out of trad. folk and waltz.

The fantastically titled A-side, ‘Horses for Hearses’, is introduced with a rhythm typed into a typewriter, before setting off in a driving monotone. When the haunting chorus breaks it is that much more exciting. Elsewhere, a glut of interesting remixes, and an interesting take on ‘Rocking Horse’ by Viva Sleep, makes this single well worth the money. The album is up for review next…

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29 03 2011
Dan Tuck


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