Morcheeba – Even Though Remixes

Release Date 26/07/2010

By David Stedman

Only a robot could claim that these made-on-a-coffee-break remixes (almost certainly, with use of a laptop) are capable of arousing emotion.

Exhibiting all the range of Belgian duo Mustang’s barely-there reworking to the equally Belgian Surfing Leons’ 8-bit ‘afternoon’ mix, these uninspiring cuts succeed only in the sense of being instantly forgettable. This is no reflection on the source song, ‘Even Though’, nor, indeed, Morcheeba, whose material is best enjoyed elsewhere -– namely, their original albums.

The fourth track, Mustang’s dub remix, veers dangerously close to Pet Shop Boys’ ‘In The Night’ (better known as the theme to television’s The Clothes Show), which, frankly, says more than needs to be said.

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