Marina And The Diamonds – The Family Jewels

Release Date 22/02/2010
By Chris Gilliver

The beauty of the music industry is that, just when you feel that you’ve heard it all, and that you’re about to be buried under a welcome wave of apathy, some wide-eyed Turks slap your face, twist your nipples and wake you of its latent vibrancy.

Marina and her spangly Diamonds are those Turks, and they’re here to remind you that there’s plenty of life in the old dog yet.

Not that they’re original mind. Siouxsie Sioux, The Cocteau Twins and Kate Bush all play big parts in the integral make up of The Family Jewels. What Marina offers is a fresh, somewhat insane reinterpretation of these luminaries with impressive results.

Since Obsessions was released this time last year, every subsequent release has been a mini event of its own, with only Hollywood falling short of the preposterously high standard set so early.

On this, her debut album, it is these singles that stand out. I Am Not A Robot sets out to be a piss take of an insufficient lover, but turns into a tender, compassionate olive branch for someone who isn’t coping. Mowgli’s Road is one joint short of schizophrenia, slightly unnerving, extremely hyperactive, and blindingly brilliant.  

It is these characteristics that make her so compelling. She’s a constantly teasing, madly unpredictable songwriter. At one moment loving and open, and at another cold and callous, but with tunes that are unrelentingly a cut above.

Marina And The Diamonds have reawakened my passion for music and mark my words, this will be a contender for the next Mercury Music Prize. MARK MY WORDS!!!

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