Manchester Music Scene Best In Country

Yes that’s right people; our fantastic music scene has been voted the best in the country in a new survey by PRS for Music. Three thousand people across the UK were polled and asked if they thought they had enough live music gigs in their local area. And guess where that there London came… a measly fifth.

In terms of music fans who don’t think they are well enough served for live music, Derbyshire topped the list, with the survey perhaps offering promoters an insight into the areas where they could be targeting to put on more shows.

On average, just 48% of those polled felt that there weren’t enough gigs.

Spokesman for PRS  Music Barney Hooper said, “Local live music gigs are a great way to bring communities together and for people to discover local talent. Manchester has always been a hot contender as music capital of the UK, but we also thoroughly encourage venues in the surrounding areas, such as Derbyshire, to seek local talent and host more live gigs.”

Here’s the results –

“I have enough local gigs in my area”

1. Manchester – 77%

2. Newcastle – 77%

3. Nottingham – 73%

4. Lancashire – 70%

5. London – 68%

“I do not have enough local gigs in my area”

1. Derbyshire – 71%

2. Somerset – 65%

3. Yorkshire – 59%

4. Kent – 56%

5. Essex – 54%

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