Kele – Tenderoni

Release Date 14/06/2010 (Wichita)

By Chris Gilliver

It will be of no surprise to you that Bloc Party’s whining crooner has come out as a song and dance man with this debut single from forthcoming album “The Boxer”. Freed from the shackles of his behemoth band, Kele is expressing himself just as you would expect given the popularity of “Flux” – a track that marked the sound of a group liberated from the titanic (the ship not the mythical monster) like shackled of indiedom.

Replaced with a more subdued manifestation, Kele sounds like a man at ease distracted by the beat. In many ways he’s incidental to “Tenderoni”, which is essentially an incredibly catchy dance track characterised by staccato synths that would made make Armand Van Helden green with envy.

It’s peculiar how music that was once considered popular and unfashionable is now thought of as edgy. In a similar way “Tenderoni” helps Okereke free himself from another negative image, that of a morose miserablist. He comes out kicking and dancing.

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