Joanna Newsom to play the Manchester Palace Theatre

It’s something of a cliché, but Joanna Newsom is divisive in the extreme. An estimated 90% of the people I play her to loath her miaowing/caterwauling antics. But the other 10% love the phenomenal song writing and instrumentation lying beneath, the voice ultimately adding a great deal of character. I, and I use “I” because I don’t think I can speak for the rest of the CityLifers collective with confidence, believe that she is one of the finest female singer song writers around. Yes she’s a difficult listen, yes she makes things even harder for us by recording preposterously long tracks and albums (Have One On Me came in at over 2 hours), but she is an exceptional talent.

If you are one of the 10% who love her you’ll be please to know she’s coming to the Manchester Palace Theatre on 18th September. CityLifers will be running a competition where two tickets will be up for grabs, but if that’s too much of an excruciating wait for you, go to to buy them.

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