Jesca Hoop – Hunting My Dress

Release Date 30/11/2009
By Chris Gilliver

Plucked from obscurity over in the US by Elbow, a band recently and famously plucked from the gallows by last gasp blaster The Seldom Seen Kid, Jesca Hoop has come to our shores backed by Britain’s newest favourite band.  

But it seems to me that she’s been plucked from somewhere far less familiar than the US. Her Elfin eccentricities speak more of the sinister and strange actions of fairies at the bottom of your garden, or the elves of Middle Earth than anything as familiar as America. It’s this weird otherness that she captures with her lunar music, and it’s a fascinating, captivating sound. 

It’s the sound of the night, of mystery, and of someone with the actual genius of Bjork rather than the nearly genius of Bat For Lashes.   

Angel Mom is simply blinding. It’s a delicate angelic sound that flips to and from mania without feeling forced (no mean feat), and Murder of Birds is an astounding, fluttering love song that avoids every cliché in a cliché ridden topic.  

There’s something really special about Jesca. It’s far more than that strange missing “i” that sets her apart, its everything. She’s like some strange entity from another planet, and she puzzles and fascinates in equal quantities. 

A late addition to the albums of 2009 I think…and know.


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