Ital Tek: Moment in the Blue EP

Release Date 21/06/2010 (Planet Mu)

By Sam Constable

Brighton based Alan Myson (aka Ital Tek) gives you his latest EP of reworks and re-licks from some of Planet Mu’s finest Emperors. The EP serves as a follow up to his second album “Midnight Colour” out on planet Mu on 14th June 2010. To date, Ital Tek’s has had a fruitful career, pushing out his own sounds, maintaining a blissful partnership with Planet Mu, and a seemingly boundless amount of creativity. This release sees two gems reach the light of day that were missed out of the album and a rehash of “Moment In Blue” from Ikionika and Faulty DL.

Still reeling from her “Contact, Love, Want, Hype” album, it’s always a pleasure to see this ladies name on a release. Taking us deep on her rework, simplistic keys hold the ground work as she paints her trademark sound on the rest. Uplifting and almost blinding us with its brightness, the track portrays a kicked back and relaxed feel from start to end. Faulty DL’s rework throws a shuffle on the rhythm, with broken vocals straining through out; all held together with splattered drum work. He seamlessly manages to weave beauty into the design, exactly the sound we’ve grown to love from one of New York’s hottest export. The digital release comes packaged with an exclusive VIP from Ital himself, and in keeping with the exclusivity of track, its only fitting you make your own judgement on that when you buy the EP.

Alongside this is “Infinity” hosting a slick whip cracked rhythm, splashed with feminine cries and laced with melodic chords. It’s chilled to the core and perfect for a summers day.

First place for myself through has to be “Crush Horizon”. Reminiscent of a walk through Super Mario Brothers, Ital fires you off into outer space. A laid back hip hop backdrop fuels the drums, and escalating keys uplift you off your feet and further out into the abyss.

Another high class offering from Planet Mu and perfectly timed as the sun breaks through the clouds. The Vinyl and MP3 are yours to own from the 21st June 2010.




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