Ital Tek – Midnight Colour

Release Date 14/06/2010 (Planet Mu)

By Sam Constable

The second long runner from Ital Tek (aka Alan Myson) comes through on Planet Mu, following on from his 2008 debut “Cyclical”.  “Midnight colour” see’s him drop the bpm down to 130 and takes a new lighter approach. This drop in speed allows the listener to look deeper into his works. Detail pours through each track, demonstrating a new found depth to Ital Tek’s production talents.

“The difficult second album syndrome” is swiftly pushed aside once the platter starts to spin. “Neon Arc” pastes suckered bass over gated chords, whilst an atmosphere reminiscent of Quarta 330’s style coats the structure making for a serene trip into deeper territory and a taste of proceedings to follow.

Tracks like “Babel”, “Black & White” and “Moment In Blue” show a more leftfield and experimental approach to Alan’s work. The polished production shining through, the attention to detail immaculate. Closing track “Restless Tundra” seals the second chapter perfectly. Driven bass pulses underneath warm keys and finger clicks as Annekas angelic vocals caress the beat. I can’t get enough of this lady at the moment – pure beauty combine from both sides on this one.

“Midnight Colour” marks another notch on the Planet Mu bed post and a bold step into the unknown from Ital Tek.




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