Hey Rosetta! – Live

 Queen of Hoxton, London, 24/11/2009
By Chris Oliver

It’s 9:10 in London, and downstairs at the Queen of Hoxton – sandwiched between the City, and trendy Shoreditch – Canadian bands are pitching for the majors. Hey Rosetta! are on the undercard for Spiral Beach, and after the unimpressive Red/Blue/Green the dancefloor has filled out somewhat with pretty young things. 
The concert kicks off gently, quickly picking up momentum with ‘There’s An Arc’. Singer/songwriter Tim is a bit nervous, and perhaps a little daunted being so close to a somewhat unresponsive audience, but the sound is massive and totally dominates the small stage, which the 6-piece amply fill, the violin and cello contributing to a rounded and individual sound. 
By the end of the song, heads are bopping and all eyes are on the the band. I guess London is not like Manchester, though – I simply couldn’t understand why people weren’t dancing as the band rock out the end of ‘Black Heart’, singing “I just want someone to lean on – I just want someone to lean on me”. I guess they are all just too cool.
Tim still looks a little like a rabbit in the headlights as he moves behind the piano, but the music is really rocking. A song from their EP, complete with excessive (but good) bass solo follows, but much to my disappointment, two more songs pass before Tim announces that ‘New Goodbye’ will be their last of the evening.
I put down my pad and pen to show the Londoners how to do it, and get a little crazy on the dancefloor. Hopefully, Hey Rosetta! will follow my advice and come to Manchester on their tour in April, and if they do, get your buns there, ‘cos it will be good.

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