Hayabusa – You’ll Need Something On Your Feet EP

Release Date 01/02/2010
 By Simon Poole

As soon as the first track on this EP kicks in, you are hit in the face with a full on assault of drums, bass, guitar, electronics and fast paced vocals. There’s no messing about here and it’s a great way to grab the attention of any first time listener. At just after the half way point there’s a bit of a let up and even a bit of Hammond organ thrown in. Before the track is to end, all the instruments are set back to maximum for a final onslaught.

The next song starts off with what could easily be mistaken for a Foo Fighters intro to the untrained ear. It does not have the energy of the opener on this debut EP, but replaces some of the power with melody instead.

Tracks three and four are a chance for the Hayabusa boys to show their gentler side, but saying that, they don’t seem to stop the heavier breaks jumping in at times. This is also par for the course in the final two offerings, where soft can jump to hard in an instant. In all six tracks, there is enough rock to keep the most seasoned of rock lovers well fed.

The first track is where I would like to see Hayabusa concentrate their collective skills, as it is fresh, whereas the others don’t break as much ground. Their music will either bring together the fans of the softer and harder rock persuasions, or it will split them right down the middle. As an example of what they can do, and do well, this EP gives a great insight to what is to come.

To hear for yourself, you can head over to their Myspace page here www.myspace.com/hayabusaband

Or if you prefer your music live, get yourself down to the Roadhouse on Friday (29/01/2010).

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