Hayabusa – EP Launch

The Roadhouse, Manchester 29/01/2010
By Jerome Harris

On entering the roadhouse, escaping yet another cold January night I am greeted by a dense sea of bodies.  I like many others have turned up to see the launch of Hayabusa’s new EP ‘You’ll Need Something On Your Feet’.  The place is now well and truly rocking thanks to support act LAP, who are playing their last ever gig.

Everyone is now geared up for the main event and it is 11pm prompt when Hayabusa take to the stage.  It is evident that Bob Hallard, Phil Hargreaves and Rich Adams who make up Hayabusa have their hearts set on enjoying their special night and having a great time. The band kick off their defining moment and happily play through all six EP tracks, then fire into many not included on their debut release, to which loyal fans (of which there are many) begin to sing along to.

I can’t help but feel that I am watching a fledgling Red Hot Chill Peppers as they rock out, especially whilst listening to stand out track of the EP ‘78’, but a lot more will need to be done before this three piece climbs to the same dizzying heights of stardom. The following Hayabusa have managed to assemble for this launch is mightily impressive and fully justified by the razor sharp performance.

The group move effortlessly from one track to another with the briefest of “thanks you’s” given to the audience in appreciation of the applause they receive. To round off the night they invite a trio of jelly babies on stage to perform with them. It’s a spectacle to behold as Hayabusa sing and dance with the Black, Blue and Orange faceless, life size confectionary.  The show comes to a rapturous end and the scores of people, myself included, head to the bar very smug with ourselves knowing that we have been treated to a superb display.

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7 02 2010

Brilliant gig; treat yourself and see them live!

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