Hal makes a comeback and offers Free Download

By Denise Tench


Down In The Valley Cover ArtI was pleased to learn this week that the Dublin 3-piece Hal, whose self-titled 2005 début album turned critics’ heads with its high-pitched harmonies and unique vintage age-of-innocence sounds, have finally announced the details of their second album. 

Having spent the whole of 2010 recording and working on new material, the Dublin-based trio’s new release is entitled ‘The Time, the Hour’. 

What’s more, the band are embracing the power of the download by giving away one of their brand-new tracks, ‘Down in the Valley’. 

It’s free to download here (http://halmusic.bandcamp.com/) from 24th January. 

Those who haven’t given Hal a listen yet should check out their début, which was littered with 50s-style harmonies and playful, almost teenage lyrics at its most upbeat, and sincere worldly wise melancholia at its gentlest. ‘Play the Hits’ and ‘What a Lovely Dance’ are great places to start. 

To those still in doubt, the band was recently given a nod of approval by the right honourable Edwyn Collins on his BBC6 playlist. Can’t argue with that. 

As well as a long-awaited comeback, a new single and album, you can also expect live appearances from Hal in 2011, so keep your diaries ready for action. 

Website: http://www.halmusic.com/ 

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/hal 

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Halmusic

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