Gang of Four – It Was Never Gonna Turn Out Too Good

Having already toured the US and Australia this year, the band will be heading out on a European tour later this month, starting in Paris on March 18th.

Gang Of Four, cited as one of the most radical and radically important groups of the last thirty years, released their first album of new songs for sixteen years in late January. Entitled ‘Content’, the record sees founding members Jon King and Andy Gill continue to deliver intelligent and liberating music that is both provocative and thrilling.

The album is available in a standard CD release and on vinyl, or in a limited edition Ultimate Content Can which contains six booklets, the first containing the new album on CD, the second featuring an art piece Jon and Andy have created to depict the last 40 years of world history (composed of a series of twenty drawings and montages), and subsequently a book of lyrics, a book of Rotoscoped photographs of the band’s emotions, a book containing sachets of Jon and Andy’s blood and a scratch and sniff booklet which reflects the key areas of human activity.

The band will release the second single from ‘Content’, ‘Who Am I’ on 18th April.

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