fun. – Walking The Dog/Be Calm

Release Date 29/03/2010 (Friends Vs Records)

By Chris Gilliver

If people throw food at each other for fun, Fun throw genres, styles and influences at each other just for kicks, and because they can. These guys are massively playful and extremely talented.

Walking The Dog is a joyful combination of Vampire Weekend, The Beach Boys and Wheezer. However (and it’s a big one), Fun also sounds intermittently like Mika, and that for me taints what would otherwise be an incredibly enjoyable experience.

“Be Calm” cements this fear into a full blown, run for your lives, soil yourself reality. It’s the propensity for the vocals to flick up, and the theatricality of it all that reveals the monster. I’m not too sure if I’m not mistaking this Mika influence for an overblown enthusiasm, and as these guys clearly have something they deserve the benefit of the doubt…for now.

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