From The Kites Of San Quentin – Bitfuck / Lantern Melt (Demo 2) / Free Download

Out Now

By Sam Constable


Salford quartet release their much anticipated second demo, if you’ve not heard of the uniquely named “From The Kites of San Quentin” expect Portishead atmosphere, Kode 9 bass stroon out over a stripped Vex’d backdrop with vocals spanning the warmth of Skye Edwards but with the edge of Beth Gibbons. Inspiration from all, but originality courtesy of FTKOSQ.

‘Bitfuck’ shows the band in true flight, haunting chords and stripped back drums pave the way for sultry vocals driving the track further into oblivion. Coming to a misleading close all to soon, the track drops out and begins to build with furious stuttered synths and gated vocals climbing aboard a sawing bass line, taking us to the peak of the ride then dropping down to close. A blinding track, easy on the ears and prefect for the clubs.

‘Lantern Melt’ rides down the more melodic route; mechanical drums punch the framework for vocalist Alison to take hold, intervening with the melody. Drawn out bass, drunken cymbals and space age synthesis come together building into a crescendo of epic proportions. Beautiful stuff.

 A brilliant predecessor to their preview demo, aptly entitled Demo 1. For a band this early in their career to be delivering such a high level of professionalism can only lead to bigger and greater things and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next.

star rating scriptstar rating script

Both demos can be downloaded for free via the link below and come highly recommended from Citylifers.

Listen, Love, Learn :

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