Festival Laws

By Simon Poole

T in the Park and Reading Festival organisers have both come out and banned two separate items from this years events. T in the Park have banned the vuvuzela and Reading have banned, are you ready for this…..alcohol…………… being brought on to the campsite after 6pm on the Sunday night.

You may totally agree with the banning of the monotone horn at T in the Park, but ask yourself this “Why would anyone want to take one of these anyway?”  

As for the banning of alcohol being taken onto the campsites after 6pm on Sunday at Reading Festival, the reason behind this is to attempt to stop what I describe as the ‘bewitching hour’. This seems to happen on the last night of almost all UK festivals nowadays, when a high number of people find it acceptable to run riot and in the process set fire to anything and everything they can lay their hands on. 

Unfortunately it would seem that the organisers of Reading Festival think that this will work, as this just means you have to make sure your beer stocks are fully replenished and on the campsite by five to six.

What are your thoughts on these bans?

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