Falty DL – Phreqaflex

Release Date 26/07/2010 (Planet Mu)

By Sam Constable

Carving his own style out of the woodwork from day one, Drew Lustman (aka Falty DL) has pushed himself to the forefront of electronic music over the past couple of years. With astounding releases on both Ramp and Planet Mu, remixes worthy of a separate release in themselves, and solo ventures pushing deep into unknown territory, it’s easy to see why Drew’s made such progress in such relativity short time.

Title track “Phreqaflex” opens up beautifully. Light hearted keys wriggle into a layer of garage fuelled drum work. With bottom end and middle range bass crying out to each other in the chorus, complied with splatters of shakers, this shuffled two step rhythm powers the motion of the track. In essence this is a simple track cleverly arranged and skilfully played out.

Flowing in much the same vein “Because you” rolls out in much the same manner. Solid drum work sets the pace in a two step fashion. Soft keys cushion the bottom end, as synth stabs flick in and out of the mix creating laid back sunshine sounds.

Deeper on the approach, “My Friends Will Always Say” kicks out so laid back, it’s almost horizontal. The sample fits the track perfectly and cushioned by the soft pushing pads, it works wonders to add depth and emotion to the track. In my opinion this is the best of the bunch.

Overall a rounded example of why Falty DL is in such high demand at the moment, this EP presents prefect beats to kick back to in this sunny weather. Available in 12” vinyl and mp3 format from the 26th July at all proprietors of good music, grab yours while the sun’s still shining.

LISTEN: http://www.myspace.com/faltydl

LOVE: http://planet.mu

PURCHASE: http://planet.mu/discography/ZIQ277

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