Falty DL – Endeavour

Release Date 13/09/2010 (Planet Mu)

By Sam Constable

ZIQ279_FaltyDL.jpgFalty DL comes correct once again with follow up to ‘Phreqaflex’, ‘Endeavour’.

Beautiful in its creation, intelligent in its approach and astounding in its delivery, it’s easy to see why this guy’s been in such hot demand since day one.

Title track “Endeavour” lays it on thick. Deep rhythmic bass, sultry saxophone and sparkling drums are topped with polished keys. Pulling influence from so many genres and combining them so mesmerizingly well, I was hooked from the first listen.

‘Filthy Divinity’ aims straight at the dance floor and hits dead on. A hip-hop backbone holds the track together whilse drum patterns stumble over each other, gelling into each other to make anyone on and everyone’s feet shuffle. The lead synth sings out throughout the track taking hold of the beat whilst delicate strings, lush female cuts and classic samples settle into place.

‘Odyssey’ slows things down a beat. Pulling inspiration from the Detroit variety of techno, throwing on a sprinkling of jazz and a serving of moog made melody, it’s hard not to love the way this one plays out.

This is another blinding piece of work from one of New York’s finest, and true musical brilliance in its purest form. Available from the 13th September on vinyl and in mp3 format and coming highly recommended by ourselves at City Lifers and anyone with a set of ears.

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