Everything Everything – Live at The Deaf Institute, Manchester. 12/10/2010

Review by Zandra Klievens

I have come along to tonight’s gig blind. I have read about Everything Everything in a few magazines and have heard their name mentioned on the radio several times, but have never had the chance to listen to a single song – so I am here like a blank canvas.

On entering the Deaf Institute’s music hall, it is filled to capacity, but I manage squeeze myself forward and get a place at the front. Due to the height of the stage, I resultantly end up with a nice view of the bands shoes and their pedal boards.

The most interesting part of the band is frontman Jonathon Everything’s voice, which seems to mist into his keyboard melody and lull in and out giving the songs a chance to be somewhat moody. Of what could be easily classed as an indie ‘lad’ band, they avoid this by lilting towards slightly flowery and whimsical by their much tailored harmonies, which are rather impressive giving them a chance to prove that they can be something else other than a floor filler at a sticky dive. There are, at times, parts that are reminiscent to scattered barbershop sounds over sciffled guitar – creating a very comforting noise – almost blissful confusion.

The best song of the evening is ‘Photoshop Handsome’, obviously a good driving track sparked by a good strong drum beat and dapper bass line.

They are very likable indeed. The crowd coo when they advise the audience that they wouldn’t be where they were at without Manchester.

They seem to have acquired a rather dedicated crowd – with members of the audience seeming to know each and every word, and rather enthusiastically too. I must say, something rather odd, perhaps bad, happened at the gig – bassist Jerry Everything lost his watch whilst playing a poppy track (by the way I thought they played a good variation of damper and upbeat songs) which fell to his set list. As the end of the gig it was swiped! And by a girl! I only hope that she used it as an excuse to get back stage and talk to chiselled cheeked Jerry, rather then being a tealeaf!

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16 11 2010

That review was like reading the back of the head and shoulders bottle whilst sitting on the tiolet. Can anyone write on this blog?

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