Ever heard of Boe Weaver?

By Simon Poole

Ever heard of Boe Weaver? No, me neither, well not until today anyway. The info from the PR company who sent us the video link didn’t really seem to have much of a clue either, which to be honest I quite liked. Usually you get paragraph after paragraph of who they are, who they’ve supported, who produced their latest track etc etc etc. I sometimes half expect it to be informed of shoe size and the date they lost their virginity. 

All of these things are totally irrelevant to start off with and usually ignored by any self respecting record company, radio DJ or music reviewer until they have actually listened to the music, then if they like what they hear, they will then refer back to any info provided. 

So true to form, I ignored the attached biog and clicked on the link to see the video, which I have now done several times. The music is probably best described as instrumental, sixties psychedelic. Not only is the sound psychedelic, but the video itself is like what I would expect from an acid trip.

I’m really loving this track. 

See/listen here for yourself. 

Video Link (external)

I have now gone back and picked out the necessary information I think you’ll need from the 702 word biog. 

  • On March 22nd they will release their self-titled debut album
  • Myspace

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of Boe Weaver, as I am well and truly hooked.

One response

25 02 2010


great vibe, I have just bought the album!

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