EPM-MUSIC Website Launch (Feat. Robert Hood)


By Sam Constable

EPM Music sends a treat your way with the free release of their latest podcast to celebrate the re-launch of their website. Established in 2001 EPM have been working pretty much every angle of the music industry from marketing to promotion to online services. But most notable plays host to an impressive rota of artists, helping to bring them into the spot light, and most importantly to your ears. The re-launch aims to empower EPM’s reach further into the digital market and help EPM’s artist be heard.

To celebrate their re-launch and the signing of new working contracts with YouTube, Spotify, 24-7 Entertainment, Basepoint & Deezer, EPM asked minimal legend Robert Hood to take the helm on the next instalment in their series of podcasts. The podcast showcases his new works from forth coming album “Omega” out on Hood’s own M-Planet label, which is exclusively digitally distributed by EPM. Hitting stores in summer 2010, Hoods album “Omega” is based on the 1971 film “The Omega Man”, an adaptation of Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel of the same name. The latest incarnation of which was 2007’s Will Smith’s “I am Legend”.

The mix rounds in at 60 minutes and is no nonsense minimal proceedings; Hood’s seamless mixing and blending, takes you smoothly through the hour, layering each track into the next to the point where definition becomes near impossible, and all that’s left to do is enjoy. The mix itself plays out well, building gradually whilst keeping your heading bobbing and your interested sparked throughout. Hood’s new material is high quality stuff, and it’s clear to see how this man’s got to where he is today. Each track is stripped back yet brimming with sounds, intricate yet exciting, just the way minimal should be.

The first single of the album “Alpha” b/w “Omega (Times End)” is released on M-planet on the 15th March 2010.

Listen: www.epm-music.com/podcasts/item/51-epm-podcast-#6.html
Learn: www.myspace.com/hoodrob

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