Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster – Love Turns to Hate b/w Sushwep

Release Date 10/05/2010

By Paul R

On ‘Love Turns To Hate’, TEMBD could be describing their relationships with old record labels, ex-band members, ex-fans, ex-girlfriends, the weekly music inkies who dismissed them after their first LP, the end is listless.

BUT, you should LOVE them. Why?,  because of their dogged determination to continue mining the dark, twisted depths of your soul, the things you think you see out of the corner of your eye, the dust motes that make strange flitting shapes when you look at the sky. And they do it with black, black humour, not unlike the voodoo psychobilly of The Cramps (whom they claimed not to have heard, when ‘Horse of the Dog’ came out, but I don’t believe them).

B-side ‘Sushwep’ has a percussive military snare that rat-a-tat-tats as Guy McNight rails against giving in, giving up, and giving out.

This single heralds TEMBD’s return, a new campaign, and a fresh onslaught on your senses. Go see ‘em live and get pummelled.

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