Discombobulated – Dispatches From The Wrong Side

Available now from bookshops and www.headpress.com

A collection of 50 of the best columns from Gonzo journalist Simon A. Morrison, the books features wild and wacky tales of the bass caress, as Simon careers ungracefully though the finest gutters and discos this planet has to offer.

The book touches on all manner of wonky misadventure – everything from gatecrashing Kylie Minogue’s birthday party to getting deported from Russia; hanging out with Howard Donald from Take That, raving in Ibiza with Judith Chalmers and looking down the wrong end of gangster Dave Courtney’s gun.  The cast list includes Simon le Bon and Coolio; the settings vary from San Francisco to Shanghai to Macclesfield… the perspective is always distorted through the Wrong End of a tall drink.

Here’s what the press are saying:

“Mr Morrison is a refreshing mutant anathema to the usual in-awe-sycophantic music journo” The Orb

“Simon Morrison’s hilarious new book about his adventures all over the world” Mixmag

“this month’s hottest new book” The List

“A super book… it will keep you entertained for a very long time, I can tell you that“ ALL FM

“Akin to following Alice down the rabbit hole” Student Direct

Headpress have reported the book has already sold of its first run on pre-order and is now being re-printed.  For further information, review copies or interview requests, contact Pad Com or Headpress themselves.


Why?  Well, like the author said: Because life is a disco…

… and then there’s always the after-party.

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