Delphic – Counterpoint

Release Date 07/06/2010 (Chimeric Records)

By Chris Gilliver

Though it’s already starting to sound tired, the crossover from guitar-based indie to new rave to outright electro pop has been a joyous thing. It seems that few will benefit more greatly from this change than Delphic, who has achieved that rare thing which requires a large amount of skill and luck working in combination. They’re becoming very popular by capturing a widespread contemporary sound where lots of bands are imitating each other, and made themselves stand out as being seemingly exceptional. Essentially they’ve captured that fickle bastard the zeitgeist beast.

The “Counterpoint” here proves that they are not exceptional – very good but not exceptional. For those of you not familiar with their sound think Bloc Party’s “Flux” ad infinitum. And you know what? Poppy, accessible, but not annoyingly so, and exhilarating it’s a great sound. “Counterpoint” is a great single, you can either dance or cry to it.

Delphic look set to become the next New Order, but will they lose control of that fickle zeitgeist monster before they hit arenas? We shall see…

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