Crystal Castles – Baptism

Release Date 26/07/2010 (Universal)

By Chris Gilliver

Baptism not Celestica was the obvious choice of début single from Crystal Castles part deux. It serves up the elements of Crystal Castles we already know and love. Namely, Alice shrieking unforgettably, Morse code verse bleeps that are as hooky as Leatherface‘s larder, and something new in the pounding trance overtones that are more  grievous bodily harm than they are euphoric. Like a person walking down a dark alley late at night towards their destination, Baptism looks back as much as it looks forward, and serves well to conjure up the duo’s early references to switch-blades!

It is a great track from a band that intertwines melody with intimidation and fear with flawless skill. Though I suspect many will not take it to heart, I find it hard to imagine anyone not actually being moved by it in some way – be it to love or hate.  And that’s Crystal Castles for you. Hugging with one hand and pushing away with the other. Treat ’em keep ’em keen. That’s why they’re so compulsive.

2 responses

18 07 2010

Stellar review for an outstanding song.

18 07 2010

Glad you like both the song and the review. Crystal Castles are possibly my favourite act out there at the moment.

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