Creed – Rain

Release Date 15/02/2010
By Chris Oliver

Although I pencilled in: ‘2pm, listen to rubbish cheesy AOR [Adult Oriented Rock] song; 2:05pm write scathing review’, I’ll be darned if I don’t like this song from start to finish. On first listen it’s energetic, fresh sounding and easy on the ear. Lead singer Scott Stapp has the ‘Eddie Vedder vocal cheesifier’ turned up to full and the music has more than just a hint of Pearl Jam to it too. The crisp, layered production gives this a definite touch of class – which is probably why Virgin Records paid producer Howard Benson [My Chemical Romance Motörhead, Papa Roach] an envelope full of money to work his magic.

The song is ostensibly a plea to God to help with those big existential questions, with a healthy dose of weather forecasting thrown in for the chorus. It’s uplifting, positive stuff, even if it is about as deep as an episode of Power Rangers. Definitely worth a listen if you’re adult and like orienteering and rocks.

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