MY BEST OF 2010: By CityLifer Denise Tench

It’s almost criminal to ask someone to decide on their album of the year, especially in 2010, as so many great records have been offered up to us happy reviewers. But, if I do have to crown one, it has to be ‘Brothers’ by the Black Keys. It’s filled with consistently memorable and accomplished tracks and has no filler at all. It also highlights the sophisticated muddy, bluesy rock that can be generated by two guys, a set of drums and a guitar.

However, I’d like to mention that the following albums, including many others, are also some of my favourites from 2010….’If I Had a Hi-Fi’ by Nada Surf, ‘Broken Bells’ by Broken Bells, ‘Grinderman 2’ by Grinderman, ‘Oddblood’ by Yeasayer, ‘End Times’ by Eels, ‘Transcontinental Hustle’ by Gogol Bordello, ‘Infinite Arms’ by Band of Horses and ‘Losing Sleep’ by Edwyn Collins.

Favourite gigs are also a difficult one, but this year, Academy 1 really came through….

Gogol Bordello at Academy 1

Hole at Academy 1

Cast at Academy 1

Black Keys – Brothers by cooperativemusicuk

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