NEWS: Waldner

22 05 2011

Gives Away New Single As Free Download

Canadian-born songwriter Waldner has announced that he’ll be giving away ‘Going Up Against Goliath’, the opening track from his forthcoming debut album, Found & Lost, an album influenced by melodies that spring forth from the likes of XTC, early REM, Nick Cave, The Decemberists and The Beatles.

Talking about his decision to give the track away, Waldner said, “Going Up Against Goliath is a theme song of sorts for me. I remember the moment the melody struck me. I was sitting in front of the TV with a guitar just playing around when all of a sudden this melody came out pretty much fully formed which turned out to be the main riff in the song.  At another time I overheard someone say something about fighting Goliath and something in that just clicked, especially as my name is David. These two elements were combined into a song which is really a song to me but also to anyone else who needs some hope in their life. I think Goliath is a great intro to the rest of the album, hinting at the rich melodies and thoughtful lyrics contained inside. I can’t wait to get out there, play the album and gain some new fans. I’ve had such a positive response so far”.

You can download the MP3 right now from Waldner’s homepage:

Edited by Joe Crouch



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