SINGLE REVIEW: The Chemistry Set – ‘Impossible Love’

10 05 2011

Release Date 31/05/2011 – Fruits de Mer Records 

I’ve never met The Chemistry Set. I don’t even know what they look like. But I‘m kind of envious of the world they appear to inhabit. One of A-sides, one of B-sides, one of coloured7”vinyl (on which ‘Impossible Love’ will appear later this month). A world where it’s still 1968, but where the jukebox plays ‘Screamadelica’, ‘Made of Stone’, ‘Exit Planet Dust’. Where skinny jeans and winkle-pickers are no doubt eschewed in favour of flares and desert boots. Like, cool, man.

‘Impossible Love’ is littered with reference points – the opening riff pilfers heavily from ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ and quickly becomes a kissing cousin to Paul Weller’s ‘Sunflower’. There are myriad whooshes and whirls of the sort John Leckie dusted all over The Stone Roses. And when, about a minute and a half in, the focus sharpens and an irresistible bassline kicks in, ‘Impossible Love’ coasts the rest of the way on the same languid groove as Primal Scream’s ‘Loaded’.

So…go back and read those last few sentences again. Here’s a song that in one swoop references The Beatles, The Stone Roses, Primal Scream and Paul Weller (in the ‘good’ solo years). What’s not to like? Sure, it’s two minutes too long and the lyrics won’t be winning any poetry prizes (in common with those on The Chemistry Set’s recent album ‘This Day Will Never Happen Again’, reviewed on Citylifers in January), but, in the minds of a generation of aging Baggy kids, ‘Impossible Love’ will spark a whole bunch of ecstatic memories…

Review by Matt Rynn




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