NEWS: Nowhere Again

9 05 2011

New EP + One Day Free Download 

Nowhere Again’s Now I am Twenty EP is released today and as a marketing exercise Superstar Destroyer have decided to give it away for one day only. As they explain: “There’s a lot of talk at the moment about this sort of thing, particularly in light of Radiohead putting out The King of Limbs in the manner in which they did. The fact is, we’re still a very small operation, but we decided to put our money where our mouth is- albeit in a limited way, and see what effect that would have within the context of building a sustainable business model.”

Physical copies with artwork by Alex Moore (with disc art by Boneface) and manufactured in a pop-out design by ACDSleeve will be available as well. Download copies will contain a number of pieces of artwork, photos and bonus tracks recorded live in their practice space as well as early demos. Nowhere Again will be returning to the studio next month to begin work on the follow-up, with the band commenting, “three out of the seven tracks are in Drop-D… it’s going to be heavier and quite a change from what people have seen us doing before.”




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