NEWS: The Electronic Exchange

8 05 2011

New Track (streamed in full) + Manchester Date

Experimental progressive electronica duo The Electronic Exchange announce new material and rare live appearance at FutureEverything festival.

The Electronic Exchange are Najia Bagi and Tullis Rennie – the enigmatic electronica duo that combine powerful, gutsy vocals with soulful, whispering melodies and deep, deconstructed beats.

They pair live in different cities (Manchester and Barcelona), and work together primarily online (hence the name). The first time they played live together was indeed at their first ever gig. Impressive stuff considering the high quality of their output. Their debut, self-titled EP saw a limited release in 2010, and was a real hidden gem of a record. ‘Back From The Dead Beat’ in particular, a dark, dubby hip-hop influenced track was a treat.

Their latest offering, ‘Shapeshifter’, builds upon their earlier work and is a track that, if given the exposure it deserves, has real potential for success. The bright vocals and dark, almost decomposing beats promise to be right on the button for fans of the the post-dubstep scene that is currently epitomized by the likes of James Blake and Jamie xx.



The Electronic Exchange will perform live as part of the FutureEverything showcase at Umbro Design Studios, Dale St, this Friday (13th), 8pm. More info here.




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