NEWS: Rob Da Bank + 65daysofstatic Rescore Film Soundtracks

6 05 2011

Next week Manchester is again home to the FutureEverything festival, a look into cutting edge media that will fill various venues throughout the city. It boasts a multitude of music and art events and there is also a broad array of conferences surrounding the current issues and development in the separate fields within the industry at the moment. Bringing down the final curtain to the festival is the screening of two classic films that have been given a new spring of life, through the art of rescoring the music.

Rob da Bank’s ‘King Kong Rescored’ RNCM 13/05/2011:

The first film is the original King Kong (1933) which has been re-scored by the prolific DJ and entrepreneur Rob da Bank (the film is the theatrical version of the story and not to be confused with Kong the stop motion film). Rob has produced a new Soundtrack that is said to include tunes from Sigur Ros, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Black Sabbath, Bon Iver, Tunng and the grand finale is of course ‘Monkey Gone to Heaven’ by the Pixies, which at first seems like an apt choice, on name alone but the song actually deals with mans relationship and dilemma with the divine and environment OR It is in-fact the song that the mighty beast hummed as he fell to his peril, contemplating as he went ,whether he might eventually receive counselling for his inevitable post-traumatic stress or whether his actions will just be put down to ‘bad parenting’.

Rob da Bank has a bit of the ‘midas touch’ running both Bestival and Camp Bestival, if this, along with his music is anything to go on, then King Kong is gonna be dancing, in fact I am already double wrapping my sweets in anticipation. Tickets/Info


65daysofstatic ‘Perform Silent Running (1972)’ – RNCM 14/05/2011 :

The next film to be brought back into the modern equation is the Sci-Fi classic Silent Running (1972), from legendry director Doulas Trumbell who went onto work on 2001 Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Blade Runner. The Film itself should strike a chord with all of us intergalactic-aspiring-hippies, as it deals with the length one man will go to to try and save the last ‘earth forest’ in existence, which also happens to be on a space craft.  

The Original film included music sung by Joan Baez and it’ll be interesting to see whether 65daysofstatic make reference to any of her songs in this live performance. The band are comparable to artists such as God Speed! You Black Emperor, Venetian Snares and Explosions In the Sky; they write pieces of music as opposed to ‘songs.’ Whilst some of their albums are more melodic ‘post rock’ (whatever that means) they also delve into break-core even going so far as to include those comforting sounds you find coming from the Gameboy that vegetates in your bathroom.  This show initially premiered in Glasgow earlier in the year and received great reviews and that alone should be enough to get you along. 

Rescoring films has been growing with popularity within the on-line community steadily but few well known artists have pursued the undertaking to rescore whole features. However most have been awesome to name but a few: Nitin Sawhney; who rescored the Indian Silent film A Throw of Dice, Cinematic Orchestra who infamously rescored Man with a Movie Camera with a new composition later released as an album of the same name and not to forget Manchester’s own Fritz Von Runte who remixed David Bowie tracks to his own re-edited version of 2001: Space Odyssey (re-named Space Oddity) whilst all are very different, they are all excellent and give a whole new dimension to each of the films. I think the mix between the surreal images and plot of the film mixed with the chaotic and perpetual melodies of 65daysofstatic will make this an important show to witness.  If, however, you miss this event it should only be because you found out about it too late; if you haven’t the money to buy a ticket then borrow and failing this lie, cheat, backflip or tunnel your way in.  Tickets/Info 

Rick Sims



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