NEWS: Tennis

29 04 2011

Debut Album 

You might have heard a track called ‘Marathon’ in early 2010; a slice of pop which set a tale of sailing the high seas to a backdrop of chiming guitars, handclaps and “oooo’s”. The track was subsequently hailed by reviewers such as Pitchfork, Stereogum, Gorilla vs Bear and the Guardian, in the process throwing a spotlight on the band behind the song – the married husband-wife duo of Tennis. 

Originally hailing from Denver, Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore started Tennis in a different way than most – bored of the 9-5 life, the couple abandoned it all, saved up for a sailboat, and then embarked on an eight month voyage along the Atlantic coastline, documenting their trip in song along the way. Once word about their doo-wop meets surf pop spread however, labels such as Underwater Peoples and Fire Talk came calling.  Now the band’s debut LP ‘Cape Dory’ lands on UK shores, released through Carmen San Diego Records on May 9th 

The 10 tracks on ‘Cape Dory’ are a snapshot of the couple’s aforementioned getaway along the Eastern Seaboard and what an expedition it must have been. ‘Take Me Somewhere’ is the perfect introduction, a wave of simple guitar hooks, the hum of an organ and picking up pace at mid-way point.  ‘Seafarer’ sweeps by as fuzzy guitars compliment Moore’s voice, as she simply asks; “Will you call on me when you’re living on the sea?”  Recent single ‘Baltimore’ is wrapped around Moore’s vocals and Riley’s guitars. 

An album filled with adventure, the early promise of Tennis is fully realised on ‘Cape Dory’. The duo embarked on a string of sold-out dates in the UK and European in January and recently completed a full US tour and showcase at SXSW.  They return to Europe for a smattering of festival appearances this summer.

Edited by Joe Crouch



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