NEWS: Let’s Wrestle Announce New Album + Track Streamed In Full

12 04 2011

‘Nursing Home’ Release Date 16/05/2011 

London trio Let’s Wrestle have announced details of their new album ‘Nursing Home’. Their second album is set for release on the 16th May via Full Time Hobby. 

‘Nursing Home’ was recorded in Chicago last year with Steve Albini. With themes that include being trapped in the suburbs and dancing boys on drugs, the band show that their view of the world is the same, they’ve just put on some darker sunglasses. Let’s Wrestle may have lost some of their naivety lyrically, but it’s certainly still there. 

It certainly sounds heavier than its predecessor – a result, no doubt, of Albini’s engineering – but the band’s style of melody and structure remains similar, as shown on numbers such as ‘If I Keep On Loving You’ and ‘Bad Mamories’. The album also features some quieter songs such as ‘I Am Useful’, or ‘For My Mother’, in which Gonzalez sings, “But now she’s gone/ my mother’s sad but I’ll take care of her”. 

All up, Let’s Wrestle seem to have grown up and reckon they’re heavier and depressed but are still laughing on the inside. 


‘In Dreams (part 2)’

‘If I Keep On Loving You’

‘In the Suburbs’

‘Bad Mamories’

‘Dear John’

‘For My Mother’

‘You’re So Lazy’

‘There’s a Rockstar in My Room’

‘I Forgot’

‘I Am Useful’

‘I Will Not Give In’

‘Getting Rest’

edited by Joe Crouch



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